Taking a Vacation...


Ah, vacation. It’s a beautiful thing, whether your definition of it is traveling to some exotic locale or staying put and exploring spots in your hometown. It doesn’t matter if you prefer stay-cating, going abroad, or taking a road trip complete with a tent and camping gear. 

Breaking from work and taking a breather can be done in a variety of ways. It’s no surprise then that what people state as their reasons for going on vacation vary, but with a similar common theme. Time away from work—and everything that goes with it, from emails to to-do lists to drafting proposals and attending meetings—is essential to your well-being.

Why not take a yoga vacation or yoga retreat? It’s as simple as googling “yoga retreat” in your area. Or perhaps you would like to explore the opportunity of a destination retreat to an Island or a foreign country. There are so many options! Another good source is inquiring at your local yoga studio. 🙏