5 Benefits of Doga...


What is Doga?

Doga is the emerging trend that combines yoga and dogs. It is a great way to get some exercise for you and your pooch, and it can be much more fun than doing yoga by yourself. The concept of Doga was created by Suzi Teitelman, a Jacksonville yoga teacher.

Even though dogs can’t actually do the majority of the normal yoga poses, they will enjoy the stretching, some aspects of massage and soothing energy for which yoga sessions are famous for. However, Doga shouldn’t be forced upon a dog. Instead, owners should be mindful and try to listen to their dog’s body language. If your dog doesn’t really seem interested, or if your pooch is trying to pull away or starts squirming, it’s time to stop and wait for another day.

There are several benefits of getting yourself and your pooch into Doga. Here are some of the reasons you may want to look into Doga yourself.

1. Bonding with your dog

2. Physical Health Benefits for you and your dog


4. Entertainment

5.Socialization (meet new people and hang out with other dog owners)

Go to Doga class and have some fun with your pup!