Going to Kelly for Reiki is always an amazing experience. She has a warm, calming nature that transfers over to her Reiki practice. Kelly explains everything she is going to do before she performs Reiki and discusses what she has done after the Reiki is completed. Whether she is using one of her many healing crystals or Tibetan bowls, Kelly always leaves you feeling relaxed and recharged.
— Maria F., Stamford, CT
Kelly is great! It was an amazing Reiki experience. The atmosphere was relaxing and flowing. It was truly unforgettable. She is gifted. It made me feel so alive. I’m so grateful to her for the wonderful surreal visual insight I experienced. She was very flexible by seeing me on a Sunday. Thank you Kelly!
— Rita P., Danbury, CT
I would like to sincerely thank you for starting my daughters wedding day off with a relaxing and calming milieu. It was amazing to walk into the room and everything was set up efficiently and warmly. The essential oils, music, yoga mats, blocks and straps were all organized and welcoming. You thought of everything. Your calming and soft voice set the tone for the entire day. None of the daughters or myself felt rushed or overwhelmed. It was the perfect start to the wedding day.
Thank you very much for being ready for us and having everything set up ahead of time and finishing on time as well.
I can’t thank you enough.
— Dawn L., Stamford, CT
We had a great, relaxing bachelorette yoga session with Kelly. She was professional, calming and a great guide!
— Jacquelyn S., Garrison, NY
This was the first experience I had with Reiki. Kelly is awesome!!! I felt rested, rejuvenated and incredibly energetic. Kelly made me feel comfortable. It was such a positive experience that now I see Kelly every few months :)
— Luz B., Ardsley, NY
Kelly is an amazing Reiki practitioner. I feel 100 times more at peace and at ease after leaving each session. I highly recommend Kelly.
— Corina M., Greenwich, CT
I went to see Kelly for Reiki because I was tremendously stressed at work and in my personal life and seeking relaxation. After a few sessions, I found that I was not only more relaxed, but my sleep had improved and my emotions were more balanced. The reduction in stress help me deal with the emotional trauma of a breakup. I found Kelly to be a kind, gentle spirit and I highly recommend her.
— Cheryl A., Danbury, CT
By far one of the best classes I’ve attended anywhere. After a long absence from my practice, this class was perfect to ease back in with thorough, patient instruction and wonderful balance of challenging poses, deep stretching, and relaxation.
— Patricia H, Turmbull
Kelly is amazing! On a whim I decided to try yoga for my first time but wanted to go somewhere that I would feel comfortable and I am so happy I found Kelly. She is an amazing teacher who keeps the classes fun and fresh. She switches up each class and I always leave feeling so refreshed and relaxed. I would highly recommend!
— Kim J., Stamford, CT
Kelly’s sound healing sessions are terrific and I highly recommend them! I go to relax and help balance college and work. The sounds created by the Tibetan Singing Bowls calm the soul...
— Keryi A., Stamford, CT
Kelly is a highly and deeply compassionate instructor. She brings multiple aspects of yoga - asana, essential oils, singing bowls and meditation - uniquely designed to each student’s needs. She continues her own professional development to bring new aspects of practice to enrich and deepen the shared practice. The practice room is calm and soothing and the scheduling is highly flexible. My experience over the past year with Kelly has been wonderful in every respect!
— Sharon B., Stamford, CT
I had a very positive experience with Kelly for Reiki sessions. Kelly has a warm and gentle touch and is sensitive to your needs. I went to Kelly to help with the stress in my life and the results were tremendous. I recommend her without a doubt.
— Paul E., Stamford, CT
Beautiful, serene studio and expert yoga instruction. One-on-one is the only way to go and Kelly knows how to develop an individual pace and progression based on fitness level. My strength and flexibility increased dramatically.
— Mary E., Stamford, CT
A totally awesome experience. Invigorating and revitalizing every time!!
— Dave R., Stamford, CT
My first restorative class and it was everything I had hoped it would be!
— Christina F., Trumbull
My private lessons with Kelly are the highlight of my week. Whether it’s an up-temp vinyasa or a restorative sessions, Kelly comes prepared to do it all.
— Steve S., Stamford, CT
Kelly is diligent, patient, considerate and thoughtful. She is a matured yogini.
— Mohan G., Byron Bay
Kelly is a patient teacher and is able to tell right away how to craft a class to meet the student’s needs. I look forward to practicing with her. She has taught me a lot!
— Ceneta L., Stamford, CT
I look forward to my sessions each week and leave feeling amazing. Kelly is wonderful and makes each session suitable for me since I’m a beginner. I’m so happy I found her!
— Jennifer B., Stamford, CT
Kelly has a very calm but powerful energy. She really seems to hone in on whatever is bothering me and calms it right down. I truly enjoy working with her.
— Lauren M., Greenwich, CT